PhD in Clinical and Experimental Immunology aims to train young graduates in the field of Immunology and its related disciplines in the biological and medical area, with the aim to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to face and resolve basic or applied research problems through an experimental method.

The first objective is to train young researchers to conduct research on their own, achieving the research project assigned, with the support of an experienced team of researchers. In carrying out their own project, doctoral students are supported by prestigious national and international scientific partners who have cooperation programs with the members of the Teaching Board. There will be periods of study stay at eminent international research centers in order to improve the formation process of the students. A further aim of the PhD program is to develop skills for interacting with industries and the intellectual protection procedures and knowledge of research results, with the additional goal to support entrepreneurial initiatives.

At the same time, the graduate students learn to expose and disseminate the results of their research through seminars and the writing of scientific papers in English.

Currently the PhD program includes students in possession of science degrees in biology, biotechnology and medicine.

The Teaching Board, the governing body of the PhD, is made up of university teachers of high international scientific caliber from various sectors of the medical and biological sciences, which play the role of assessors and tutor for doctoral students.

The beginning of research and teaching is set at 1 November of each year.

The duration of the PhD program is three years. It concludes with the writing of a thesis, discussed in front of a committee of professors and experts in the field.

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