The scientific activity includes experimental and translational topics. Main fields of research are:

  1. Analyses of pathogenic mechanisms of immunologic, rheumatologic, oncologic, neurologic, endocrinological, infectious and genetic diseases;
  2. Generation of new diagnostic tools that apply innovative nanotechnologies;
  3. Characterization of molecular circuits involved in Biomedicine through genomic and proteomic technologies;
  4. Generation of therapeutic vaccines for oncologic or autoimmune diseases;
  5. Generation of new biological agents as new drugs for oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  6. Identification of new hormonal agents useful for the treatment of endocrinological tumors;
  7. Characterization of oxidative stress related molecular patterns and of their modulators;
  8. Analysis of therapeutic potential of mesenchimal stem cells;
  9. Identification of neurologic receptors as therapeutic targets.

The quality of CEBR scientific activity is demonstrated by the number of scientific reports published on top-level scientific journal.