PhD training Program: Clinical and Experimental Immunology

The training program offers theoretical and practical activities given by academics and members of the PhD Teaching Board


Year I

Preparation of a research project in response to a Call for proposal
1 Credit

Presentation of the results of an experimental work
1 Credit

Data reporting
1 Credit

Animal experimentation
1 Credit

Intellectual property and patentability
0,5 Credit

Year II
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting course
1 Credit

Immunotherapy approaches
1,5 CFU

Innovative Technologies in Biomedicine
1,5 CFU

Year III


Seminars borrowed from other PhD courses (PhD in Experimental Medicine, Biotechnology in Translational Medicine), link:

Lunch Seminars organized by IRCCS Policlinico San Martino
Seminars borrowed from different Departments of Medical School