Projects of the the new laboratories are in progress by Building Management and Development Area office of the University of Genoa.
The new structure will be built inside Hall 3, first floor, University Hospital IRCCS San Martino in Genoa.

The flood occurred in Genoa on 4 November 2011 caused the total loss of the historical site of the CEBR , located on the -2 floor of the building in Viale Benedetto XV nr. 9, Genoa.
Both the structural part of the premises than the high-tech machines suffered irreparable damage from the invasion of water up to the ceiling from an underground river which had overflown.

The staff had been working hard to recover as much as possible , both the laboratory supplies and the equipment and has established in a temporary headquarter since then, a part of the laboratories of Pathology of Via de Toni 14, Genoa, in order to be able to continue the research for various ongoing projects and new ones undertaken in the meantime.
Other staff was instead allocated in the laboratories of their own Departments. The administrative staff is currently located on the top floor of the flooded one in Viale Benedetto XV, 9.
It is therefore with great expectations of rebirth that the CEBR waits for the construction of the new location, in order to regain a large and functional place to pursue the institutional mission efficiently.