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Scientific Coordinator

Dott. Diego Ferone


The Unit of Endocrinology has been studying the fisiopathology of somatostatin receptors (SSRs), dopamine receptors (DRs) and growth factor receptors in different cell lines and primary cultures from neuroendocrine and non-neuroendocrine tumors for several years. In particular, the Unit of Endocrinology focused its attention on the role of these receptors in pituitary adenomas, in neuroendocrine tumors (NET), in prostate cancer (PCa) and in lung cancer as prognostic markers in the combined therapy with first- and second-generation somatostatin analogues (SSAs) and dopamine-agonists (DAs). Moreover, since it has been clearly demonstrated that SSRs and DRs can dimerize on cell membrane (omo- and/or etero-dimerization) in several cell models, the Unit of Endocrinology has been studying this phenomenon as a consequence of the treatment, not only with the SSAs commonly used in clinical practice (octreotide and lanreotide), but also of the treatment with new SSAs such as panligands and bi-specific or chimeric compounds.
Furthermore, the Unit is involved in studies of cellular and molecular biology aimed to isolate and characterize cancer stem cells obtained from cerebral tumors such as glioblastomas and meningiomas in order to study their role as pharmacological target in these tumors.

List of pubblications

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Main research lines

  • IGF system: studies on the role of IGF system (IGF / IGFBP / IGFBP proteases and IGF receptors) in the proliferation and differentiation of primary cultures and cell lines from different tumors (lung and prostate cancer, osteoblasts).
  • Somatostatin system: evaluation of SSR (SSTR1-5) and dopamine (D2R) profile in neoplastic tissues and in cell cultures obtained from endocrine and non-endocrine tumors; role of SSAs and SSTR-DR chimeric compounds on cell proliferation of tumor cell lines and primary cultures obtained from different tumors; evaluation of the interactions between IGF and somatostatin/SSRs system.
  • Cancer stem cells (CSC):isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells obtained from cerebral tumors such as glioblastomas and meningiomas; role of CSC as pharmacological target in these tumors.
  • Biology and pharmacology of prion disease: synthesis and purification of prion protein sequences; analysis of localization and toxicity of prion proteins. 

Settore ERC del gruppo

MED/13 Endocrinologia, BIO 14/Farmacologia


Cognome Nome Dipartimento di afferenza Qualifica Settore
Ferone Diego DIMI Ricercatore Neuroendocrinologia
Boschetti Mara IMI Ricercatore Ipopituitarismo
Arvigo Marica DIMI Ricercatore TD Ricerca traslazionale
Florio Tullio DIMI Prof Associato Farmacologia
Barbieri Federica DIMI Ricercatore Farmacologia
Thellung De Courtelary Stefano DIMI Ricercatore TD Farmacologia


  • Erasmus Medical Center, University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • University of Cordoba, University of Rome, University of Uppsala, University of Verona, University of Paris, University of Berlin (progetto IPSEN CONSORTIUM NET R-Hub)
  • Department of Clinical Sciences and Community Health (DISCCO), University of Milan, Italy and Department of Endocrinology and Laboratory CRN2M (Centre de Recherche en Neurobiologie - Neurophysiologie de Marseille), University of Marseilles, France (progetto MAGNET)
  • University of Naples, University of Ferrara (progetto FIRB Progetto RBAP11884M_006)
  • Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy (PROGETTO SSRs e CARCINOMA PROSTATICO)


    • FIRB Project RBAP11884M_006 (PI: Prof. Diego Ferone) “Advanced technological platforms for the definition of new biomarkers and molecular targets in nano-technological vectors for diagnosis and therapy of human neoplasias”.
      Study Sponsor: MIUR, 2011
    • PROJECT SSRs AND PROSTAE CANCER (PI: Prof. Diego Ferone) “Somatostatin and prostate cancer: role of somatostatin receptors in the control of tumour growth”.
      Study Sponsor: IPSEN
    • FIRB Project RBAP11HSZS_002 (PI: Prof. Tullio Florio) “Neurodegenerative pathologies and cerebral damage: cellular and molecular mechanisms resulting in cognitive impairment and correlation to the functional damage in humans” (2012-2016)
    • COMPAGNIA DI SAN PAOLO (PI: Prof. Tullio Florio) “Study of molecular determinants involved in prion protein conversion into its neurotoxic form to identify new pharmacological targets” (2014-2016)