Anna Pittaluga

(+39) 010 3532049


Pharmacology and Toxicology Section

Description of activity in the organization

Anna Pittaluga has a scientific experience of more than thirthy years in the in vitro study of several aspects of central neurotransmission. The following topics represent the main fields of her research.

  • Mechanisms of neurotransmitter release and its modulation by presynaptic ionotropic aand metabotropic glutamate receptors under physiological and pathological conditions.
  • Receptor-receptor interactions and intraterminal pathways involved.
  • Effects of HIV-1 viral proteins on central neurotransmission
  • Effects of chemokines on central neurotransmission under physiological and pathological conditions

Principal investigator of Projects from the Italian Minister of Research and Education, from the European Community and from the University of Genoa. She is also co-investigator in several Projects from the Italian Minister of Health and from the Italian Federation for Multiple Sclerosis.


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