Tullio Florio



Description of activity in the organization

  • Evaluation of pharmacological sensitivity of cancer stem cells isolated form brain tumors, identification of the activity of metformin as antitumoral drug and identification of novel molecular targets of its activity; development of experimental models for the study of breast cancer using spontaneous mammary carcinomas of pets, in the concept of comparative oncology; evaluation of the efficacy of somatostatin analogues in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors; identification, isolation and phenotypical and functional characterization of stem-like cells form human pituitary adenomas; characterization of the role of chemokines in the development, progression, and metastasization of brain tumors.
  • Characterization of the molecular mechanisms responsible of the amyloid peptides neurotoxicity, focusing on the pathological prion protein and its capacity to impair paracrine communication between neurons, microglial and astroglial cells in brain tissue; analysis of the potential neuroprotective activity of new synthesis molecules.


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