Clinical Immunology

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Clinical Immunology

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Prof. Gilberto Filaci


The U.O. of Clinical Immunology mainly perform translational research activity. It has a main field of research constituted by immunoregulation. Hence, studies are focused on the characterization of regulatory cells and mechanisms involved in the physiology of the immune system. Researches are performed on healthy subjects and also in patients affected by different diseases, including cancer, autoimmune diseases and viral infections (HIV, HCV), in order to explore the immunopathogenesis of these diseases. The search for new biological agents or vaccines with therapeutic potentials is another hot topic for the Unit. Related to this topic, studies on experimental models are performed with the aim of achieving information on the efficacy of these new biological agents or vaccination protocols. The findings coming from in vitro and ex vivo studies are then translated to humans through the setting of specific clinical trials.

List of pubblications

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Main research lines

The lines of research are mainly focused on:

  1. Mechanisms and biological factors able to modulate the function of the immune system, with specific attention to regulatory lymphocytes;
  2. The characterization of antigen-specific anti-tumor immune responses;
  3. The study of clinical and immunological aspects of systemic autoimmune diseases;
  4. The setting of original gene vaccination protocols against tumors and autoimmune disorders;
  5. The analysis of genetic and immunologic pathogenic mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cancers.

Research group ERC sector


Internal personnel

Surname Name Department Title Scientific area
Filaci Gilberto DIMI Full professor Internal Medicine
Fenoglio Daniela DIMI Full Professor Internal Medicine
Ferrera Francesca DIMI Technician Molecular Biology


  • Prof. Raffaele De Palma, Federico II University, Naples, Italy
  • Prof. Mauro Cosentino, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy;
  • Prof. Maurizio Zanetti, UCSD, San Diego, USA;
  • Prof. Nicole Suciu-Foca, Columbia University, NY, USA;
  • Prof. Bevra Hahn, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.


The U.O. of Clinical Immunology has several partnerships with national (Federico II University of Naples, University of Chieti, University of Insubria, Varese; San Raffaele Institute, Milan) and international (UCSD, UCLA, Columbia University, Harward University) Academies as well as with scientific Institutes (Center of Advanced Technology, Genoa, CBA; Gaslini Hospital, Genoa) and private companies (Mediolanum Farmaceutici spa, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, ViiV Healthcare UK Ltd).


The U.O. of Clinical Immunology received grants for more than 1 million of euro in the last 10 years from public (MIUR, University) or private (Mediolanum Farmaceutici spa, Genovax srl, Compagnia di San Paolo) sponsors.

Last update 24 November 2022